More and More Pet Owners Today Want Holistic, Alternative Care for Their Pets

When it comes to providing care to your pets, there is no doubt that going to the local vet for routine treatment is important. But, like with humans, there is growing need and demand for care that is focused not just on chemical-based medications but on holistic, alternative remedies. Why use chemicals with harsh side effects when it is possible to get the help you need from a natural method?

This is exactly what is playing out in many homes today. When pets are sick, more pet owners are turning to alternative care as a treatment option. Is it a good idea? Why does this matter now?

Alternative Therapies Are More in Demand Than Ever for Pet Owners

Many people recognize the benefits of alternative therapies for their pets. And, they know that providing their pet with excellent care is essential. Alternatives to conventional, medical care for pets gives people the hope of keeping care more holistic while also reducing the potential for side effects. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about a third of all Americans are seeking out care like this for themselves, including complementary and alternative medicine. And, as a result, many are applying that same theory to their pets.

What Type of Care Are Pet Owners Seeking?

The type of care that pet owners are after are numerous. Many of the most popular alternative therapies for humans are very much accessible and beneficial to pets, too. This includes services such as massage therapy and aromatherapy. There is more demand for herbal remedies, nutraceuticals, and traditional Chinese medicine. And, holistic treatment – such as improved, nutrient-rich food – fits right in line with this.

It's Not a Replacement

While more pet owners are turning to these alternative solutions, that is not to say they are not still counting on help from their vets. Alternative therapies in pets are becoming a complimentary service used alongside the care their vets are providing. For example, if a pet is suffering from cancer, pet owners still want vets to provide comprehensive care for that animal. However, they are more likely to also try to use alternative medicines and treatments not only to help stop the cancer but also to deal with the side effects from the vet prescribed treatment.

Are these types of actions safe? In many cases, they can be both effective and safe. A key step in providing this type and level of care to a pet, though, is to work alongside a vet that is willing to offer help. Balancing everything from the quality and specialization of their food along with these treatment options can help.

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